The Institute of Economics and Business

The Director of the Institute is Vologin Ilya Sergeevich,PhD, Kandidat of Pedagogical Sciences, Dotsent. The Institute includes two faculties- the faculty of Economics (speciality 080502 “Economics and Management at the enterprises of AIC”, specialization “Staff Management”) and the faculty of Accounting (speciality 080109 “Accounting, Analysis and Audit”, specialization “Accounting in the Commercial Companies”)

   Graduates aren`t trained only for the work at the enterprises of agribusiness structure but at governmental institutions, commercial and not-for-profit organizations of different legal forms, in banks, joint-stock companies and insurance companies as well.
   The Department of Accounting, Finance and Audit provides our students with training in the major disciplines, connected with accounting, financial, analytical and audit activities. The students master both the theory and practice of Accounting and the international standards of Accounting, Financial Management, Analysis and Diagnosis of financial economic activities. In the conditions of Accounting Educational Center they get cost accounting, calculation and budgeting in the field of AIC.
   One of the most demanding departments in our Institute is the Department of Economics, Management and Information Advisory Technologies in agribusiness. The teaching staff of this department provides with curriculum in such timely disciplines as Management, Organization of Entrepreneur Activities, Sociology and Psychology of Management, Risk and Analysis Assessment in Economics of AIC, Economics and Organization of agri-industrial enterprises.
   The Department of Organization and Technological Processes in agricultural production is in charge of Economics and Technological disciplines, providing our students with the high level of our student`s professional training.
   Among the disciplines of this department are Organization of production at the enterprises, Cooperation and Agri-industrial integration in AIC, Forecasting and Planning, Planning at the enterprise, Labour in Agriculture, Technology of Production and Processing of Crop and Animal Produce, Organization of Rationing and Labour Payment at the enterprises, Mechanization and Electrification of agricultural production.
   The Department of Statistics and Information Technologies plays an important role in our students` training. Its teaching staff conduct such disciplines as Mathematics, Information Science, Statistics, Information Systems in Economics, Economics and Mathematics Modelling , Econometrics, Logistics, Information Technologies in Economics, Information Technologies in Management. 
   Furthermore there is a department of interpreters at this Institute which gives the students the opportunity to get an additional speciality of interpreter of English in the sphere of their professional activity. The Primorsky branch of All-Russian Monitoring of social and labour sphere of a village and The Center of Staff Monitoring has been operating at the Institute since 2000 giving our students labour and career opportunities.