Farm Mechanization Institute

    The Director of the Farm Mechanization Institute of Primorskii State Academy of agriculture – Zhuravlev Dmitryi Mihailovich, Ph.D. Professor, Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia, Academician of International Academy of Agricultural Education .
    The Farm Mechanization Institute is the foundry of engineering personnel for agro-industrial complex, which has successfully work not only in the Far East, but further. It was organized in 1961. In 1997 the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization was transformed into the Farm mechanization institute. It trains engineers in farm mechanization and processing of farm products. 110301 - "Agricultural Engineering" and 110,303 - «The processing farm products." 
    Specificity of the institute is a versatile training of engineers, which gives opportunity to work in virtually all industries to adapt to the most difficult circumstances. This is evidenced by the fact that a number of municipal formations are led the graduates of the Institute, including the head of the administration of Ussuriisk and Ussuriiskii region - Ruditsa C.A., chairman of the Duma Rud N.N.. The majority of enterprises for processing agricultural products with the best technology are also led our graduates. Among them: Ph.D., associate professor Ishchenko SA - CEO 000 "Nikolsk; Kolmakov A.L. - CEO 000 "Ussuri dairy plant"; Sidorenko AL. - CEO 000 Niva - bread "and many others. 
    To train skilled engineers institute has the necessary material-technical base and scientific-pedagogical staff. In a typical training building the institute has three lecture halls for 125 seats each; modern gym, a library of 70 thousand volumes of academic, scientific and methodological and fiction. 
    Structural Mechanization Institute consists of four departments: automotive and agricultural machinery; maintenance and repair of machines; resistance materials and machine parts, mechanization and electrification of production and processing agricultural products. Laboratories and lecture rooms reserved for Chairs are equipped with modern equipment, allowing students to get profound knowledge. Practical reinforcement of knowledge students receive training on I landfills, industrial and processing plants, as well as farms and firms with different ownership forms. 
    Teaching staff of the institute is 40 people, more half of whom have academic degrees and titles. To prepare scientific and pedagogical personnel there is the postgraduate course in the institute. Studio space penchant for scientific and pedagogical after the defense of the graduation projects are sent to study in graduate school with subsequent master's thesis. The backbone of the teaching staff - graduates of the institute including all heads of departments have a degree of candidate of technical Sciences. 
    n order to improve the educational process employees of the Institute published monographs, manuals, guidelines, taking into account regional especially farming. 
The main directions of scientific research institute:
-Improving the design of agricultural workers machines.
- Developing and improving facilities and technology elements for the cultivation, harvesting and transportation of agricultural cultures.
-Improving the maintenance practices and diagnosed mobile power tools.
-Develop methods and tools for handling seed mixtures in strong electric fields.
-Improved methods of preparing engineers for the agro- complex.
 To extend the horizon and developing of the creative abilities of students work various sports clubs, music groups, KVN, hold the Olympic Games and sporting and technical competitions. Achievements of our students are widely known not only in Academy but also in the Russian level. For the rest of students and staff in the summer time is a fitness base "Pearl" situated in a picturesque and ecologically clean area on the coast.