Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Institute

Director: Chugaeva Natalya Aleksandrovna, PhD

Address: 44 pr. Bluhera , Ussuriisk, 692510.
Phone: 8 (4234) 26-54-70,

Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Institute consists of two faculties: Technology Management Faculty (former Zooengineering Faculty, speciality 110401 «Zootechny») and Veterinary Faculty (speciality 111201 «Veterinary medicine»).
There are 6 departments at the Institute:
- General Zootechny department (the Head of the department is Y.P.Nikulin, associate professor);
- Small animal science and animal product professing department (the Head of the department is V.A. Amelina, professor);
- Natural science discipline department (the Head of the department is Y.A. Kotlyarov, associate professor);
- Department of non-infectious diseases, surgery and obstetrics(the Head of the department is I.I.Shulepova, associate professor);
- Epizootology, zoohygine and veterinary-sanitary expertise department (the Head of the department is G.G. Koltun, associate professor);
- Morphology and physiology department (the Head of the department is N.V. Momot, Doctor of veterinary science, professor).
At the disposal of the Institute there are 62% of teaching stuff with scientific degree.
The Institute has everything that helps students to get deep knowledge and to become highly-qualified specialists: laboratories, 2 computer classes, informative-consulting centre, methodical study.
Since 1958 the total number of graduating students on speciality «Zootechnology» is 4644. The speciality «Veterinary medicine» was opened in 1979. As a result 1352 graduating students got the diploma of higher education. It is important to emphasise that our graduating students are not only veterinarians and zootechnicians with higher education but also, they are specialists with exceptional knowledge of their profession specificity under conditions of The Far East zone.
Teaching stuff, students of this Institute cooperate with international and foreign organizations.
Foreign partners:
- Zoological Society of London (Great Britain)
- Wildlife Conservation Society (the USA)
- Chonbuk National University (S. Korea)
- Federal Research Institute for Animal Health Institute of Epidemiology (Germany)
- Mongolian State University of Agriculture (Mongolia) etc.