Humanitarian Education Institute

   Director – Gnatovskaya Elena Nikolaevna, Ph. D.
   Humanitarian Education Institute exists as a separate department of the Academy beginning with April of 2004. Reorganization of Humanitarian Education Institute was one of the actions at the Academy on the modernization program realization of humanitarian and social-economic education in 2004-2008 years.
   Humanitarian Education Institute includes departments of social-economic disciplines which were earlier in the structure of other institutes at the Academy. The Institute has no possibility to make intake of students but provides teaching of humanitarian, social and economical disciplines on each speciality of the Academy. There is a department of «Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication», which gives their graduates a diploma.
   Teaching staff consists of 40 teachers, 10 of them having scientific degrees.
   Nowadays there are four departments in the Humanitarian Education Institute.
  The department of philosophy and socio-economical disciplines (the head of department – Obuhova Olyesya Vladimirovna), the department of history and humanitarian education (the head of department - Gnatovskaya Elena Nikolaevna), the department of foreign languages (the head of department – Ivus Olga Nikolaevna), the department of physical training (the head of department – Mavrin Sergei Nikolaevich).


Scientific research directions of the philosophy and socio-economic disciplines faculty in the Humanitarian Institute 

O.V. Obuhova. Ph. D, associate professor – The Russian political migration in the Far East (in the 1920-1940s by way of example in China).
N.G. Razlomy. Ph. D, senior teacher – The «green» zone in Ussuriisk, in Primorsky Krai (optimization of the recreational forest utilization).
A.I. Pavlenko. Ph. D, professor – The formation and development of the agrarian education in the Russian Far East. The heritage of Rozanov V.V. and the present.
T.N. Presniakova. Ph. D, associate professor – The dialectical nature of philosophical criticism. The gender studies. The philosophy of the creative work.
V.A. Lotokova, senior teacher – The state-of-the-art and development conditions of business in Russia.

   Research directions information of the history department
Humanitarian Institute

Surname Research Direction Title
E. N. Gnatovskaya Russian social history The everyday life of Far Eastern railway’s staff at 1920-50s; the social shape of railway’s workers; Development of shape of the Soviet working class at 1920-50s.
A.A. Kim East Asian and Russian Far Eastern studies, World history Research of Bohai, Jurchen and Mohe history; problems of relations by between North and South in Korean peninsula; Features historical development.
N. F. Proshko Theory and history of Pedagogic The problem of connect of theory and practice in Russian Didactics of High education at 1970-80s.
O.N. Ivus Linguistics Semantic and pragmatic aspects of slogan on clothes.
I.A. Pereverzeva Philosophy Orthodox religious academical theism and French catholic modernism at the beginning of the twentieth century