Forestry Institute - Приморская ГСХА

Forestry Institute

Prikhodko Olga Yurevna 

Dean – Prikhodko Olga Yurevna

Address: 692510, Primorskiy region, Ussurisk, Blukher st., 44

Tel/fax: +7 (4234) 26-07-03


Forestry Institute trains the following specialists:

  • Bachelor degree course: 35.03.01 Forest management

specializations: Forestry, Forest game management, Aesthetic forestry

  • Masters degree program: 35.04.01 Forest management

specialization: Forest science, Forest husbandry, Forest Recourses Inventory

  •  Post-graduate course: 35.06.02 Forestry

programs: Forest crops, selection, seed growing; Forest science, forest husbandry, forest organization and forest inventory.


The professors of Forestry Institute arranges more than 30 professional development programs for the specialists from forest ranger stations, wood enterprises, highly protected nature areas, hunting industry and police.

Forestry Institute has long-time collaboration with research non-commercial establishments, which provide protection of conservation areas, and with executive authorities. Students regularly have their practical classes in the arboretum and botanical garden of Far Easten Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, are involved in construction of ecological paths in nature reserves, forest crops planting under the guidance of WWF Amur branch, take research works.


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