The Professional Retraining and Advanced Training Institute

Koltun Guli Georgievna is the director of the Institute, PhD.

Tel/fax: (8-4234)32-83-03.
The permanent staff of the Institute includes five people: the director, three specialists and a computer programmer.
To form the teaching staff the teachers from other Institutes of our University and the research workers from the research Institutes and regional organizations are invited.
There are three departments at the Institute:
- The advanced training of the specialists of the Agro-Industrial Complex;
- The professional retraining of the specialists having graduated from the Institutes and colleges;
- The retraining in order to receive supplementary higher education.
The first department gives the opportunity to the agronomists, zooengineers, veterinary surgeons, economists, accountants and the directors of agricultural enterprises to improve their professional skills owing to the credits of the Department of Agriculture in the region or krai (the departments are concluded a treaty). Every group has its special period of training.
The specialists without economic education have the opportunity to receive the retraining (if they want) in two different groups: “Economics and management of the enterprises (in various branches)”, “Accounting, analyses and audit”. The course of training lasts one year. There are two forms of study: day-time and extra mural. The classes are carried out in the evenings, three times a week. At the end of the studying the complex examination is taken. After having passed the examination the graduates get the diplomas, which give the right to work as the economists or the economists in the sphere of management.
The retraining for getting the second higher education is carried out externally for three years. The education is not free of charge.
There are two departments at the Institute:
- Informational technologies for the Agro-Industrial Complex;
- Economics, management, scientific and technical progress for the Agro-Industrial Complex.
The directions for the advanced training of specialists for the Agro-Industrial Complex
* Legal insurance and organizing of veterinary medicine * Improving of quality control system and treaty relations in the new economic conditions   
* Energy saving technologies for crop growing     * Rising of the Forestry production effectiveness in the Russian Far East
* Modern landscape design and the biology of plant growing * A professional accountant
* Modern technologies for milk and meat production * An interpreter in the field of business communications
* Veterinary and sanitary inspection of animal husbandry production * Computer courses 1С: Enterprise
* The organizing of veterinary medicine in the governmental Institutions of the Primorsky Region  * The novelty in accounting of the Agro-Industrial Complex
- * Engineering and technical service for energy saving technologies in the different branches of the Agro-Industrial Complex
The Institute of Advanced training is situated in the building of the Institute of Economics and Business. The practical classes are carried out in the classrooms of the Institute. 
The students may live in the hotel “Kolos” or in the Hostel №6 in Razdolnaya Street.