Engineering Institute

Zhuravlev Dmitriy Mikhailovich

Dean, Candidate of technical Science – Zhuravlev Dmitriy Mikhailovich

Address: Primorskiy region, Ussuriisk, 8a Razdolnaya St., office 211

Tel/fax: +7 (4234) 321268

Engineering Institute trains the following specialists:

  • 35.03.06 Agricultural engineering

  • 20.03.02 Environmental engineering and water use

There is a Training centre at the disposal of Engineering Institute, where students can get professional skills on all categories of tractor driving.

Students receive practical knowledge at training base, industrial and processing enterprises, as well as in farms and companies.

A number of graduates of Engineering Institute work in the government of the Primorskiy region, head the municipal settlements. Leading agricultural manufacturing and processing enterprises with advanced technology are also led by our graduates.

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