For foreign students

University Name: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy” (FSBEI HE Primorskaya SAA)

Address: 44, Avenue Blukhera, Ussuriisk city, Primorsky krai, 692510

Tel. (Fax) +7 (4234) 26-54-60



Responsible for foreign students:

Ivus Olga Nikolaevna – vice-rector for international and academic work

Contact phone: +7 (4234) 26-33-91,


Pavlenko Andrei Ivanovich – Director, Admission Center

Contact phone: +7 (4234) 31-91-39

If any problems arise, you can turn to the International relations department from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time (except for Saturdays and Sundays). The International relations department is located in the main building of the Academy (Ussuriisk, pr.Bluhera, 44), office 216. Telephone number: 7 (4234) 26-33-91.


Plan of Actions in the Airport/ railway station:

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Traffic route  «Airport – Ussuriisk, Avenue Blukhera 44» 

Traffic route  «Railway Station – Ussuriisk, Avenue Blukhera 44»  

Buses Routes from the Dormitories to the Academic Buildings:

1. Route «Dormitory No 8 – Avenue Blukhera, 44»

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2. Route «Dormitory No 6 – Razdolnaya street, 8»

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Dormitories of the Academy:


of the dormitory

Numbers of buses from the station “Rynok”

6, Razdolnaya Str., Ussuriisk

No 6

No 11,10,14, 33, 22, 125, 23

6а, Razdolnaya Str., Ussuriisk,

No 8

No 11,10,14, 33, 22,125, 23

12, Razdolnaya Str., Ussuriisk


No 11,10,14, 33, 22,125, 23


Moving around

When you are moving around Ussuriisk, please make sure that you have your passport, student card, so that people around you can help you in case you need to get to the Academy or identify you. We suggest you call the International relations department.



The nearest food stores are located not far from the buildings of the Academy. You can find many different shops and department stores in the center of our town Ussuriisk (bus station “Rynok”).



You can turn to any bank branch to exchange your currency into rubles or to open a bank account to secure your cash resources. You can choose a bank by comparing offered exchange rates or bank account conditions. We suggest you not to keep big amounts of money in your dormitory.

In the town there are many banks. The closest bank branches:

Sberbank, 56 Lenina Str.; 3B Lenina Str.;

Schedule: Monday-Friday from 09a.m. to 6p.m.; Saturday from 09:30 to 14:00;

Rosselhozbank, 93 Chicherina Str.


Medical Service

Medical service for foreign students is offered on the basis of a voluntary medical insurance and therefore requires payment. In case of an emergency you can make a free call for an ambulance by dialing “112” on your phone. However, you will have to pay for the offered medical services. In the case of an emergency situation resulting in an ambulance call, please get in touch with the members of International relations department.