Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine Institute

Veterinary medicine

  • State Veterinary Inspection (Animal health center). Students practice in diagnosing, treatment and infectious and noninfectious diseases prevention there. They also provide emergency care on the eradication of epizootic diseases in Primorskiy region, take part in vaccination of domestic animals and productive farm animals and poultry.
  • Administration of Rosselhoznadzor. The graduates of the Academy perform the functions of control on the compliance of the veterinary laws of the Russian Federation and international laws with Russian participate on protection of the state territory against highly dangerous animal diseases from abroad. Specialists of the department provide veterinary control in boarder inspection posts and the places of custom formalities, which is situated in the region, control the transportation of goods, that are under the control of State veterinary inspection, by sea, railway, air and road.
  • OOO “HAPK “GreenAgro” is situated in Khankaisky district, Alekseevka village. Students work as veterinary surgeons and livestock engineers, carry out vaccination, chipping, valuating, cleaning of hooves in farm animals, inspect and make diets, measure hygiene characteristics. Students are provided with confortable living conditions and a three-course meal. Students get salary on their practice.

Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise

  • FSBU “Interregional veterinary laboratory”, Ussuriisk. Students study modern methods of laboratory tests, detection of diseases on different stages, hold veterinary and sanitary expertise of farm products, research the main items of body’s functioning (blood, urine, plasm, saliva, hormones, tissue samples). They work at the departments of veterinary and sanitary expertise, toxicology, microbiology, serology, genetics, study and use new sanitary documents.

Livestock Engineering

  • IAPC “Novolitovskoe” is one of the leading enterprises on milk husbandry in Primorskiy region. Students get their practice there as livestock engineers and veterinary surgeons. They carry out livestock inventory, inspect cattle, do paperwork in modern electronic systems, study methods and ways of keeping and breeding animals, take part in diet calculation, determine the compound and quality of feed.
  • Canine team under the jurisdiction of Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Students during the practice deals with working dogs on customs, airports, special facilities.
  • OOO “Nikolsk” is the base for practice for students-technologists. They shape pelmenies, formulate manufacturing meat products and sausage products, acceptance of raw material, make meat trimming and boning, cooking and smoking of products. It is payable job and students get vocational profession on their specialization.