Engineering Institute

  • Rusagro Group is Russia’s largest vertically integrated agricultural holding company. It is currently the market leader in sugar, pork, crop, oil and fats production. Rusagro Group was considered one of the most profitable and fastest growing consumer goods companies in the CIS. The Group actively integrates modern world technologies both in terms of equipment and in terms of management practices. The geography of Rusagro sales grows and evolves constantly. Currently we sell our products in more than 80 Russian regions and more than 50 countries worldwide.

  • OOO “DalAgroliga” is an agent of CLAAS company and other famous international companies on the production of trailed farm machines: AMAZONE, LEMKEN, SALFORD, MASCHIO GASPARDO.

  • OOO “Far East Autocenter” is an agent of the leading world factories on farm machines, such as OOO “Combine harvester factory “Rostselmash”, “Gomselmash”, “Simpa RU”, “Klever”, “Minsk tractor factory”. It also promotes contacts with other producers of farm machinery.

  • OOO “Siberian Service Company” is an agent of the companies “ROMAX” and “АGCO MACHINERY LLC”

These companies perform pre-sail preparation of technics, debugging, complete inspection of all the nodes and components according to the recommendations of the factory. They also provide field service, which reduce the down-time of technics during the field season.

Students reinforce their theoretical knowledge on the production bases of these companies during their practical studying, get the experience and practice for independent work in production in the field of their specialization.