Land Management & Agrotechnologies Institute

 Students of Land Management and Agrotechnologies Institute get practical knowledge at the best enterprises and factories of Primorye and south of Far East. The leading partners of the Institute are:

  • FSBSE “FSC agrobiotechnologies of Far East named after A.K. Chaika”. The main branch of activity of this organization is scientific researches and developments in the field of natural and technical science. It also carries out other activities on growing and distribution of agricultural plants; training of highly qualified specialists and so on.
  • OOO “Primagro” is an expert in the field of plant protection and crop production. The company estimates weed infestation, number of pests, degree of plants diseases manifestation; provide appropriate recommendations and calculations on the application of this or that chemical; performs practical classes with specialists of research institutes and scientific farm advisers; demonstrate modern agrotechnologies on experimental fields of producers of agricultural products.
  • OOO “Nikolsk” is one of the leading producers of sausage and specialty products in Far East. Nowadays OOO “Nikolsk” is a modern enterprise with world standards on labour conditions. Safety food assurance is the main particularity of “Nikolsk” products.
  • OOO “Proviant” deals with the production of cheese. Italian skilled workers taught the specialists of this enterprise cheese-making. The products of OOO “Proviant” entered the food market in 2015 year. The company produces fresh, soft, semi-hard cheese according to Italian technology and on Italian equipment.
  • OOO “Geos-Info”, OOO “GeoMark”, OOO “UssurGeo” perform works on marking of land parcel boundaries and their cadastral registration; determine, update and modificate the boundaries of land parcels.
  • Administration of Federal service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography performs the control on land use, takes plan checks on land law compliance by citizens, registries the ownership on land parcels, carries out statistical service of given lands.