Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture

The rector of the Academy is Komin Andrei Eduardovitch, Candidate of Sciences, and Corresponding Member of International Academy of Agrarian Education.

Primorskaya State Agricultural Institute was founded on the 1st of October, 1957 on the basis of Yaroslavskiy Institute of Agriculture (1944). In 1997 it got the status of Academy and became Federal State Budget Establishment of Higher Professional Training “Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture”.
  The Academy consists of five institutes:
  Land Management Institute trains specialists in agronomy; technology of farm produce production and processing; agroecology, land management, recultivation, land protection.

Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Institute trains specialists in zoo engineering, veterinary medicine, veterinary-sanitary expertise and it has some specializations: technology of meat and milk processing; kinology; diseases of small, decorative and wild animals.

Forestry Institute trains specialists in forestry and gives specialization in game biology.

Engineering Institute trains specialists in farm engineering and mechanization of farm produce processing, engineer systems of water supply, irrigation and drainage.

The Institute of Professional Retraining carries out staff retraining and gives the possibility of receiving the second higher education and professional retraining with the right of working in a chosen sphere of activity.

At present about 3200 full time and more than 1900 students on correspondence are trained at the Academy.

There are 30 departments at the Academy and more than 10 structural divisions; among them there is the Experimental and Training Farm which has 300 ha of arable land and Forestry Farm with 29.000 ha of the first category forests and also there is diagnostic center of animal diseases and veterinary clinic.

The process of training and education involves about 376 teachers; among them there are academicians (21 members of different Academies), 25 honored workers of Higher Education, 39 doctors (professors), and 180 candidates of sciences (associate professors).

The structure of educational process is always being developed in the Academy. Rating and credit systems are being involved in the educational process. Students’ knowledge assessment is being done by tests and computer technologies.

At the moment our Academy develops international relations with both with neighboring countries (China, The Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and others) and with European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland and others).

The students of the Academy have all possibilities to receive additional qualification of “Interpreter of English in the sphere of professional communication” and thanks to it the students and the academy staff take an active part in the Erasmus Mundus program and can undergo practical training abroad.

Annually academy specialists take part in international scientific conferences, workshops, fairs, exhibitions in its turn foreign specialists make reports and read lectures for the students and the faculty of our Academy.

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