Entrance documents

How to enter the Academy

Required documents:

In order to enter the territory of the Russian Federation and to be admitted to the Academy, it is necessary to have the following documents:

  • passport (valid for at least two years at the time of entry);

  • student entry visa (for foreign nationals who require a visa to enter the Russian Federation);

  • migration card (issued during flight in an aircraft or at an airport, train or bus when crossing a state border; the card should be filled by an applicant and stamped by a border guard immediately upon arrival in Russia);

  • original document on education (school certificate, diploma of non-university level higher education, diploma of higher education);

  • 2 notarized Russian translations of the education document;

  • medical report certified by the official health authority of the sending country (certificate from the hospital of residence from the general practitioner with the information that the applicant is healthy and can study at a higher education institution)

  • a copy of the medical certificate, translated into Russian and notarized.

  • six photos: 3x4 cm in size.


A candidate for master’s or post-graduate studies at Primorskaya SAA should provide the following additional documents:

  • degree certificate / diploma;

  • 2 notarized copies of the legalized diploma /degree certificate;

  • 2 copies of the certified diploma/degree certificate translated into Russian and notarized at the Russian Embassy in your country;

  • marksheet (transcript) of all school years (including studied subjects, marks and hours for each subject);

  • 2 notarized copies of the legalized marksheet (transcript)

  • 2 translated into Russian and notarized in the Russian Embassy of your country copies of the legalized marksheet (transcript).


Visa information, health insurance and etc., information on logistics and staying at the Academy during the entrance tests.

On arrival for training in the Russian Federation all foreign applicants should come t the International relations department, office 216, 44 pr. Bluhera to complete all necessary documents.

On arrival in the Russian Federation the applicant must register at their place of residence.

If the applicant resides in the dormitory, it is registered by the staff of the International relations department. The other applicants must be registered by citizens who own the living accommodation in which the applicant will reside. 


A foreign national is obliged to register his migration every time he crosses the border of the Russian Federation!



If you have entered the Russian Federation on a visa, you have to apply to the International relations department within 40 calendar days before the expiry of the visa for visa renewal.

For visa renewal you need the following documents:

  • a photo: 3x4 cm in size;

  • HIV-free certificate;

  • certificate with the official stamp from the dean’s office of the institute (or faculty);

  • government fee receipts for renewal of multiple-entry study visa.

You also need to consult with the following regulations by your own:

  • Federal Law of 25 July 2002, N 115-FZ "The legal status of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation"

  • Federal Law of 18.07.2006 109-FZ «On migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation».

If you have any questions, please contact the International Relations department.

Head: Olga Nikolaevna Ivus

Address: office 216, 44 pr. Bluhera, Ussuriisk, Russia, 692510

Phone/fax: +7 (4234) 26-33-91

Email: mo-pgsha@yandex.ru