Linguistic center


Linguistic center Head: Anastasia Sergeevna Martynova

Address: office 302, 8a Razdolnaya st., Ussuriisk, Russia.

Phone: +7-924-266-05-55


The students of Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy have an opportunity to study foreign languages. Every year the students who have deep knowledge go abroad for professional training and, of course, for improving their English skills. Our Academy is developing international cooperation with the universities all over the world, so the students can not only become highly-qualified specialists with the strong language skills, but also travel around the world while their studying.

Available programs:Linguistic center

  • Spoken English (120 hours) – communication skills training of everyday English, at the end of this course a Certificate is given.

  • S poken Chinese (120 hours) – basic skills for Beginners, a Certificate is given.

  • Interpreter in the field of professional communication (1098 hours) is an additional professional program of professional retraining and at the end of this course, students get a Diploma of Professional Retraining.


Linguistic center Linguistic center