Forestry Institute

Ministry of forestry and wildlife protection

Cooperation is aimed to the improvement of student teaching process, getting practical knowledge, informing students and teaching staff about the changes in nature conservation, forestry and related laws, in measures on the improvement of state policy in the field of use, protection, and reforestation.

Far East Research Forestry Institute

Cooperation is aimed to the identification of species composition of seedings and seedlings pests in the Nursery garden, the evaluation of plants damage and development of protective and preventive measures. It was found out that mouse-like rodents and pine weevil have the heaviest influence to forestry recently.

Sikhote Alin Nature Reserve

Joint activities on study and protection of endangered animal species and their habitats on the territory of Sikhote Alin nature reserve are held, as well as ecological education and training human care to animals.

National ParkUdege legend

Cooperation is aimed to the researches in the field of study biodiversity, organization of ecosystems monitoring, study and mapping of endangered animal and plant species.

Department on fauna and nature reserves protection

The field of cooperation is the plan of research activities of teaching staff and students on research field stations.

Ussuriisk Nature Reserve – Branch of Federal Scientific Center of Biodiversity of Far East Department of Russian Academy of Science

Cooperation is aimed to the realization of outdoor classes, organization of academic and practical training, carrying applied and basic researches, development, testing and application of modern technologies to educational process.

Primorskiy Branch “Roslesinforg”

Provide student’s academic and practical training on forest inventory enterprises, implication of new educational technologies on the base of the resources of forest inventory enterprises.

Botanic Garden-Institute of the Far Eastern Academy of Science

It organizes out of class activities for students, career guidance in the field of science and high technologies, attracts pupils and students to different activities and conduct joint research and so on. Students take part in all the fields of Botanic Garden work, including arranging excursions for the visitors of the garden, work with plant collections and in arboretum.

Hunters and fishermen associations

Students take part in wild animals inventory, conducting biotechnical activities, study biology and ecology of nature species, work with reporting documents of hunting farms. Сотрудничество направлено на привлечение студентов к участию в работах по учету диких животных, проведению биотехнических мероприятий, изучению биологии, экологии видов, работе в отчетной документацией охотничьих хозяйств.

Amur Branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

It fulfills educational and research activities in the field of sustainable forest exploitation and biodiversity conservation. It controls poaching and illegal timber harvesting; protects forest against fires; grows planting material for reforestation and so on. Every year students of Forestry Institute take part in reforestation the territory of National park “Land of Leopard”. They work as instructors on annual holiday “Tiger Day”. Professors of the Institute regularly engage in training seminars on sustainable forest management, which are organized by WWF.

State Marine Reserve

In 2012 students of Forestry Institute took part in forest management fieldworks on the islands of the marine reserve. The activities on plantation evaluation, designing of forest subcompartments, preparation of map documents, setting of management arrangements were held. The works were conducted with the help of GIS-technologies. Forest management regulation and the project of island forests reclamation, which were designed by the students of the Institute under the control of the head of the department, were successfully approved by the authorities.

All Russian kids center “Ocean”

The students from PSAA have their internship there. They make landscaping of the camp territory. The students help to grow flowers in the greenhouses, prick off, water, cut the lawns and so on). The students and professors organize the session “Amur cork tree” for pupils from school forestry units.

Ussuriisk Secondary schools

Every year students and professors of the Institute take part in the campaign “Plant a tree”, they plant trees and shrubs on the territories of schools with pupils. In spring before fire season the student team “Tis” hold the campaign “Save forest from fire” in schools. A lot of school children participate in the activities that are held on the base of PSAA, such as “Let’s our planet will be green!”, “Birds Day”, “Fish Day” and so on.