The Land Management and Farming Institute

Director of the Institute is Falco Victor Vladimironich, 

candidate of geographical sciences, docent.

 Institute address – 8 Razdolnaya street

tel. 8(4234) 32-86-14

The educational building of the Land Management and Farming Institute is located in the southern part of Ussuriisk in the district of “Seven Winds”. About 1100 students study at the full-time and part-time departments of the Institute. The teaching staff of the Institute consists of 71 teachers including doctors of sciences and 21 candidates of sciences.

The training of the students in the specialty “Agronomy” with the qualification a “scholar agronomist”  is carried out by the  farming and plant-growing department. It is one of the oldest departments of the whole academy. This department is headed by V.V. Sudakov – professor, candidate of agricultural sciences. Professors V.H. Ryzhenko and E.P. Sinelnekov, a reader M.S. Kvasnikova, department laboratories manager N.N. Abramova and other teachers work at this department. The future agronomists learn the sacraments of farm plants cultivation in the laboratories of the department.

The department of agrochemistry, agroecology and labour protection  headed by N.M. Tzmokalyuk – candidate of biological sciences, trains the students in the speciality “Agroecology”. This speciality is in high demand today and  is supposed their future work at different enterprises dealing with the quality control of farm produce, identification of  ecological purity violators of soil, water and air environment. Highly skilled teachers – a reader  T.F. Shelestova, a senior teacher O.V.  Zhuk and others work at this department.

The land use planning department  headed by professor G.M. Sidorova trains specialists which due to the profound knowledge in geodesy, economics, law and management acquired at the Institute are ready to use soils of agricultural   and industrial application completely and profitably.

Modern geodesic equipment , computer classrooms with the latest software and chiefly highly skilled teachers   such  as readers  T. I.Tikhonova and A. P. Boiko, senior teachers T. L. Kudryavtseva, M. M.Surzhic, N. N. Pshenichnaya and  O. N. Kiselyova ensure high quality background of land-use engineers.

The  water supply and drainage department headed by the reader V. N. Detsik  is responsible for training engineers liable for pure drinking water and capable to construct complex  hydrotechnical engineering installations such as dams, dikes, pumping and water-purifying stations. The students are learnt by the former graduates of our academy among them are the learners V. V. Falko , V. T. Surovikin and A. A. Bogatiy. A senior teacher G.K. Popova is the most experienced planner of water-supply systems. This department has at its disposal the unique system of laboratory equipment which allows modeling of various water-supply and water-removal processes. The graduates from this engineering speciality are in high demand at the enterprises.

The organization and management department for agro-industrial complex teaches students of all specialities of our Institute such subjects as computer science and information technology, economics and management, work production organization. The head of this department is S.M. Dereza. The teaching staff of this department also includes E.V. Schichko who is a pro-rector in educational work and a professor G. Ya. Borisova. The knowledge and pedagogical experience of these teachers give possibility to future specialists to become production managers.

General education tasks are carried out by the department of physics and mathematics headed by the reader E.V. Savelieva. The staff of this department includes both young and experienced teachers (L.S. Korenkova, V.S. Kuznetsova) who teach the first-year students to improve their basic training in physics and mathematics.